Kaleem Caire to renew push for Madison Prep charter school

There is good news in Madison today. Kaleem Caire will announce sometime within the next two weeks his new challenge, that being with a childhood development organization in (even better news) Madison. His organization is called One City Early Learning Centers.

He and wife Lisa Peyton Caire had seriously considered leaving Madison, for personal family reasons mainly. But they have decided to stay and fight it out here. Madison’s gain.

The former Urban League president says he will renew his quest for a charter school attuned to minority achievement — probably after the fall elections. Madison School Board member Mary Burke, he says, remains a supporter (she donated $2.5 million of her own money to the effort) but doesn’t want the issue to roil her bid for governor as a Democrat, to whom education reform is toxic.

That’s not bold leadership. [See comment below.] Mary Burke is in a unique position to recast the Democrat(ic) Party away from its congenital kowtowing to the public sector unions toward the reform of the La Follettes (who brooked no public sector unions). But she is naturally timid and cowed by the party bosses.

Can anyone say Burke would be a transformative, game-changing governor? Instead, we’re seeing a party boss-driven version of Jim Doyle II — only less colorful. Is Mary’s lipstick beige?

What could be less La Follette than the party bossism now encrusting the Democrat(ic) Party? The party central committee has excluded my man Brett Hulsey, endorsed in the lieutenant governor’s race (more here) and, apparently, in the Iowa-Richland County State Senate race (about which).

On a personal note, the Caires have endured more than their share of turmoil. Their son Jabari, age 20, was viciously beaten May 6 by a young thug over a trivial matter — just two hours after the perpetrator’s release from jail on a previous charge. Jabari sustained a horribly fractured skull. Kaleem says full recovery will take two years. Meanwhile, the (alleged) attacker has been released on a $1,000 bond — that after having walked out on another bond! (More here.)

Kaleem Caire speaks knowledgeably and with compassion about the criminal culture that spawned the (alleged) attacker who, in same ways, is also a victim. The incident points up a hard reality: The victims of social disintegration of the black family overwhelmingly are other black people.

Caire also says his wife has paid the price for his brave stand against the intransigence of the teachers union (which effectively vetoed his proposed Madison Prep charter school because it would have been non-union) by being denied positions for which she had rated highly qualified. Caire has also been hurt by his willingness to work with and speak to conservatives and libertarians.

Madison is very much into Joe McCarthy-ite guilt by association.



Hands off my Bill of Rights

To all the enemies of free speech who want to “get the money out of politics,” take note of Tuesday’s upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia Republican primary.  The seven-term incumbent outraised challenger David Brat $5.7 million to $231,000 — a 25 to 1 margin, people! Brat’s money was little more than a rounding error, but he won convincingly, 55.5% to 44.5%.

This is not an anomaly. Billionaire Meg Whitman heavily outspent Jerry Brown but lost the last governor’s race in California. In New Jersey, Chris Christie was outspent when he first … etc., etc.

BTW: Reports of the Tea Party’s demise are premature. Mr. Brat (he should run in Wisconsin) is tea to a T, a hardliner on immigration reform. Does John Boehner even seek re-election as speaker of the House? A wild guess says he gives way to Paul Ryan.

What? A bigger jail?

Am I getting this right? We didn’t need more jail space in 2006, when I made it the issue in my last campaign for Dane County Board. Seven years later, the County Board authorizes $400,000 to study options. In about a month the consultants could propose a $120 million jail, making it the most expensive public works project in county history.

Dane County’s liberal county executive, Rick Phelps, vetoed the two extra floors in the current public safety building, erected in 1994. Saved $10 million. Not to be outdone, Kathleen Falk and the liberal board did the emergency communications center on the cheap.

“Was I just making up the issues at 911 for the last four months?” asks Supervisor Ronn Ferrell, of Madison. “Weren’t we all told things were fine and dandy there? Wasn’t it Parisi who was denying there were problems at 911? Now he is demanding immediate changes or else he will change the makeup of the 911 Center Board? Does he want the city to leave and have their own 911 system?”

Gay marriage, for the record I’m a conservative; there’s a reason all cultures throughout the world and in every era have regarded marriage as between man and woman. But I’m not losing any sleep. Happy for those whom it makes happy. Question: Are laws against polygamy next to go?

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