Just 2 in 10 US employees have work ‘best friend’

According to a quarterly Gallup survey done in June 2022, just two in 10 adult U.S. employees say they definitely have a “best friend” at work, an Associated Press report details. The percentage under age 35 dropped by three points when compared to pre-pandemic 2019, to 21% from 24%. There was no such change for workers 35 and up.

Having a best friend at work has become even more important since the dramatic rise in remote and hybrid employment. For many employees during the pandemic, particularly parents, educators, and frontline workers, such friendships offered social and emotional support at a critical time, Gallup said. They also benefited employers. Gallup found a strong link between workers with best friends on the job and profitability, safety, inventory control, and retention.

Employees who have a bestie at work are significantly more likely to engage customers and internal partners, get more done in less time, support a safe workplace with fewer accidents, and innovate and share ideas, according to the research.