June 2016 Court Filings

From the pages of In Business magazine.

Filings for Civil Money Judgments & Claims for Liens

Dane County businesses and employers with total judgments or liens of $1,000 and greater as listed in the June 2016 issue of In Business magazine. Listings include debtor, city, amount, creditor, date, and type of case.

  • Alvarez, Maria, aka Maria’s Mexican Restaurant LLC, Fitchburg, $1,230, DWD, 4/21/16 (WC)
  • Beich, Michael, aka Let Mikey Do It LLC, Madison, $25,011, DWD, 4/5/16 (WC)
  • Burkina Express Inc., Madison, $7,905, DWD, 4/20/16 (UC)
  • Compass Properties Ganser LLC, Madison, $14,414, Grade A Construction, 4/4/16 (CL)
  • Compass Properties Mineral Point LLC, Madison, $11,350, Grade A Construction, 4/4/16 (CL)
  • Cruz, Richard, aka Cruz’s Roofing and Construction, Madison, $11,238, DWD, 4/19/16 (WC)
  • Farnsworth Builders Inc., Marshall, $7,448, R&R Doors Inc., 4/29/16 (SC)
  • Fempartners Fertility Center of Wisconsin Inc., Madison, $1,643,635, Wisconsin Fertility and Reproductive Surgery Associates S.C., 4/25/16 (CV)
  • Fluidigm Corp., Madison, $1,278, DWD, 4/19/16 (UC)
  • High Style Painting LLC, Fitchburg, $8,714, DWD, 4/7/16 (UC)
  • Interscholastic Licensing Co. LLC, Fitchburg, $3,091, DWD, 4/7/16 (UC)
  • Kilian, Jayne, aka Whitetail Cafe LLC, Marshall, $1,742, DWD, 4/12/16 (WC)
  • KM Transportation LLC, Sun Prairie, $5,644, DWD, 4/12/16 (UC)
  • Lanes LLC, Madison, $19,000, Stiel Contracting LLC, 4/5/16 (CL)
  • League Trivia LLC, Stoughton, $8,743, DWD, 4/27/16 (UC)
  • Madison Auto Detail LLC, Madison, $7,796, DWD, 4/22/16 (UC)
  • Olson Carpet Tile and Design LLC, Mazomanie, $1,000, DWD, 4/28/16 (UC)
  • Prairie Learning Academy LLC, Madison, $19,269, DWD, 4/12/16 (UC)
  • Rauch, Randall, dba Accent Decks & Additions, Cottage Grove, $3,015, Uphoff, Kevin, dba Uphoff Landscaping, 4/8/16 (SC)
  • Renschler Co. Inc., Madison, $56,427, Highpoint Office Park LLC, 4/19/16 (CV)
  • Seamonson Lawn Management Inc., Deerfield, $2,087, DWD, 4/6/16 (UC)
  • Shirai, Eiji, dba Ginza of Tokyo Inc., Madison, $8,783, Capital One Bank (USA) NA, 4/20/16 (SC)
  • Sunburn Project Inc., dba Sunprint On The Square, Madison, $9,630, R E Golden Produce Co. Inc., 4/21/16 (SC)
  • T-Durst Bus Service LLC, Sun Prairie, $5,138, DWD, 4/4/16 (UC)

Their Side

Regarding a Court Filing published in the May 2016 issue:
“The first we knew of any legal action and/or judgment was what was printed in In Business in May. We have never been served any legal notices referencing this claim. It may involve a past minority owner with a legal issue that pertained to him personally. Our managing partner is the only person per the LLC operating agreement to enter into contracts. We will be contacting the small claims court commissioner to get our name removed from this judgment.” — Vito Cerniglia, manager & licensed agent, Avanti Italian Restaurant LLC


(CL) Construction Lien: Claim on property for non-payment of work that improved the property.

(CV) Civil: Typically, lawsuits seeking claims in excess of $5,000; also such actions as restraining orders, appeals from municipal court and administrative agency decisions, name changes, etc.

(FJ) Foreign Judgment: A judgment or order of a court from a different state, a federal court outside Wisconsin, a municipal court of another county, or a tribal court; treated as if ordered by a Wis. circuit court.

(SC) Small Claims: Lawsuits seeking claims of less than $10,000, evictions, and replevin actions (the repossession of property).

(TJ) Transcript of Judgment: Judgment or order from another Wis. circuit court, a Wis. appellate court, a federal court in Wis., or a municipal court in that county; treated as if ordered by the circuit court in the county where it’s filed.

(UC) Unemployment Compensation: Warrant issued by Wis. DWD for an employer’s failure to pay contributions, interest, or fees. Warrant has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.

(WC) Workers Compensation: Award issued by the Wis. DWD. This award has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.

Source: http://wcca.wicourts.gov

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