Joe Biden to visit DeForest worker training center Wednesday

President Joe Biden’s first scheduled speech following his State of the Union address last night will take place today, Feb. 8, at a worker training center in DeForest, according to a Wisconsin State Journal report.

Biden focused much of State of the Union speech on the economy, and his remarks at the Laborers Apprentice and Training Center, scheduled for 1 p.m., will echo that economic emphasis, according to a White House statement.

During the State of the Union address, Biden took credit for creating more jobs in two years than any other president has in four years — including 800,000 manufacturing jobs.

In Wisconsin, Biden is slated to focus on legislation he signed into law that has benefited workers, including an infrastructure law setting aside over $1 trillion for direct spending across the country, a measure to boost domestic production of semiconductor computer chips, and a $1.9 trillion policy giving money to Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.