Jenny Maglio, Class of 2006

IB is celebrating 20 years of the 40 Under 40 in 2020, and will be catching up with past recipients to see what they’ve been up to since they were honored. This week features Jenny Maglio, associate director of marketing automation, Laughlin Constable.
Watn Jenny Maglio Headshot

What have you accomplished in your professional life/career since your 40 Under 40 selection?

Following my 40 Under 40 selection, I started my own marketing consulting company so that I could continue to pursue my love for marketing as well as start a family. During that time, I worked with nearly 100 clients, spoke at a national conference, and built marketing automation strategies that led to market share increases, increased lead engagement (more than 200%), sales team efficiencies, 300% email open rate increases, and more.

I am proud to presently be the associate director of marketing automation at Laughlin Constable, a full-circle creative agency, where I help create strategic, forward-thinking campaigns for a variety of brands. Within Laughlin Constable’s growing marketing automation discipline, we help clients navigate data, lead flow, and the customer experience to create personalized, positive, custom, and relevant experiences with their brands.

What accomplishments, milestones, or endeavors have you attained in your personal life since your 40 Under 40 selection?

My biggest accomplishment personally has been my family. I am blessed to have two amazing kids, a 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son, and wonderful husband.

If you were to “do it all over again,” what (if anything) would you do differently throughout your career?

Honestly, nothing. I’m so proud of the business professional I have become and the path I took to get here. I’ve worked hard, been passionate about everything I did, and continued to learn and grow along the way. I refuse to say “I can’t” or “I won’t”; I’ve just rolled up my sleeves and made things happen.

How did your 40 Under 40 selection help your career?

I think being able to put 40 Under 40 on my resume has been an asset as well as a great conversation starter. The honor also gave me the self-confidence in my own skills and capabilities to push the envelope, think outside the box, and be on the forefront of innovative thinking.

What is something that you have a new passion for since the time of your induction — either professionally or personally?

Marketing automation — no, it isn’t just email. It was very new, if anything at all, when I was inducted but my career focuses around it today.

To me, marketing automation is the art of utilizing technology to connect with leads and customers through a cross-channel experience that reaches them at the right time, with the right information, and customized to them; all this in order to convert them to or keep them as customers. I love the journey and I think it is a missing piece of the puzzle for many businesses with siloed channels. They forget that we are an experiential society, even when making a purchase or utilizing a service. I’m proud to have achieved Eloqua and Marketo certifications and experience in a variety of other platforms as well as CRM databases.

Based on your experience, do you have any advice for today’s young professionals (under 40)?

My advice would be as follows:

  1. If you find something you love to do, hold on to it and every day will not seem like work at all.
  2. Always be learning. Technology and business are never stagnant; you shouldn’t be either.
  3. Change is inevitable and will be commonplace in your field, your workplace, and your life. Embrace it rather than fear it and you will find good things will happen.

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