It’s the IB Golf League — Sort Of!

Our ever-changing group of players retell their most memorable golf stories. Have one yourself? E-mail it to for consideration. Our league is easy to join, share in the laughter and lessons learned this week!

Michael Wenzel, VP of Business Development

Mendota Financial Group

I was just down in Naples, Florida golfing. At the end of the first hole, I parked my cart behind the green and grabbed my putter. I noticed some black birds in the palm trees overhead and thought nothing of it.

I walked onto the green and one of these birds landed on top of my golf cart. I went over to mark my ball on the green and noticed the bird still on top of my cart. I started to putt and the bird then flew into my cart and perched itself on the steering wheel.

I finished putting, yes I only two putted, and the bird was now on the floor of my golf cart.

I had a protein bar in the front storage compartment still in the wrapper. As I approached the cart the small bird grabbed the protein bar and flew up into the palm tree overhead!

Soon 10 to 15 more birds were in the top of the tree enjoying my protein bar. I am sure that gang of birds does this on a regular basis.

I was paired up with two guys from Indianapolis and they had golfed the day before at the course. The same birds took a bag of chips out of their cart! I mentioned this to the ranger working the course later and he gave out a big belly laugh and said it happens all the time.

Very opportunistic birds!

Amy Olson

M3 Insurance

(Amy Olson was a former player on the Appleton High School West girl’s golf team, after being “discovered” by the coach who just happened to be the pro at none other than Winagamie Golf Course.)

I was 15 years old when I shot my first hole-in-one. It happened on a 99-yard par 3 at Winagamie Golf Course in Appleton. You won’t find my name on a plaque at the course, but it was one of the greatest holes recorded in my personal golf history.

My dad and I were playing one of my first full rounds since he had started teaching me the game earlier that season. We were paired with two guys only a few years older than I was at the time. I was pretty nervous to be out on the course, let alone playing with a couple of strangers.

After my dad and the boys hit their shots from the men’s tee on the second hole, I stepped up to the women’s tee box, iron in hand, and addressed the ball. I drew the club back slowly and followed through just as my dad had taught me. I whiffed. The ball dribbled off the tee and unceremoniously came to rest only several inches from my wooden tee that still stuck in the ground.

I was embarrassed, but did not want my dad to be disappointed in me (or for the boys to gain any satisfaction from my mishap). I quickly repositioned myself and addressed the ball where it lay next to the tee. I made contact. The ball soared through the air beautifully and landed on the green, rolling directly toward the pin. When it disappeared into the cup, I jumped in the air and turned to see my dad beaming with pride! I looked at the boys and said with a smile, “That’s what usually happens with my tee shots!” They were properly impressed.

Although my shot didn’t go down in the course record book as an “official” ace, it still thrills me to recall the moment over 25 years later.

Alan G.B. Kim, Attorney

Von Briesen & Roper, S.C

I’ve learned that consistency means a lot in many things — including golf. Unfortunately, I have been consistently mediocre in the sport.

But, as a youth just starting to play golf, I thought I had potential. I hit the ball off the tee with a 3-wood … my ball hit the sole utility line crossing the fairway about 100 yards from the tee box. Not knowing the applicable rule … neither did my younger brother … I re-teed and promptly did it again. Now if I could only hit a fairway twice in a row …

Steve Murphy, President & CEO

The Murphy Insurance Group

While playing in the Doubles Bishops Cup match play tournament at Bishops Bay Country Club with Terry Kurth, my annual partner, he experienced a hole-in-one.

What was truly unique about this hole-in-one is that Terry and I golfed so much together that we knew each other’s game well enough that either could provide advice on the other’s club selection. While on the 8th hole tee box we discussed club selection and Terry stated he was going to use a nine iron.

As Terry was setting up to hit his shot, I yelled to him to wait. He backed off his shot and I proceeded to advise that due to the wind conditions, he might need an eight iron. Terry thought about it for a few seconds and said “I think you’re right.” He went back to his bag, changed clubs and hit a perfect shot which landed on the green and went into the cup for a “Hole-in-one!”

We went on to win the match play.

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