Italian restaurant coming to Regent Street

The owner of a former Rocky Rococo’s pizza restaurant on Regent Street is planning to open a traditional Italian restaurant next to Leopold’s Books Bar Caffe, the combination bookstore, bar, and café he opened in July 2021, according to a report from the Wisconsin State Journal.

Sam Brown is calling the restaurant, which he describes as a red-sauce spaghetti house, Fabiola’s, the name of his grandmother’s best friend, who was an Italian war bride from Naples who emigrated to Chicago.

Brown closed Rocky’s at 1301 Regent St. in August because business was relatively slow, but he thought the old-school Italian vibe of Fabiola’s would mesh well with the clientele that frequents Leopold’s, which shares a doorway with the new restaurant.

No date has been set for opening Fabiola’s, and construction has yet to begin.