Is the Falk campaign in trouble?

Is Kathleen Falk’s gubernatorial campaign in trouble?

At one point in the race, Falk was thought to be the frontrunner (and inevitable nominee) in the Democratic gubernatorial recall primary, but since Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s entry into the race, Falk’s campaign seems to have started spinning its wheels. Yesterday I noted the Falk campaign’s futile attempt to pass itself off as a true “grassroots” campaign (while employing a bevy of seasoned political insiders from in state and out of state, no less), and a recent Public Policy Polling poll released this week shows Mayor Barrett with a 14-point lead (38% to 24%) over Falk in the Democratic primary.

Compounding Falk’s bad news for the week, Democratic U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore and Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor have both endorsed Barrett’s gubernatorial campaign, with Sen. Taylor saying, “During the historic protests last year, Wisconsin men and women made their voices heard against Walker’s radical agenda. The Wisconsin 14 stood up to his assault on our values. And Tom Barrett will continue this fight as our next governor. He will defeat Scott Walker, end the ideological civil war, and get Wisconsin moving forward.”

As if that news wasn’t bad enough, the week started with Mayor Barrett’s gubernatorial campaign announcing current Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and former mayors Dave Cieslewicz, Sue Bauman, Joe Sensenbrenner, and Joel Skornicka all announced their support for Barrett in the June 5 gubernatorial election. Considering Madison is in many ways the heart of Dane County, I’m more than a little surprised that the current mayor of Madison and his four predecessors would all endorse Tom Barrett over Kathleen Falk.

Walker campaign forced to return $170,000 in contributions

Earlier this week it was announced the campaign of Republican Gov. Scott Walker must return $170,000 in illegal contributions it received from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce PAC in December 2011. Walker’s campaign had received a total contribution of $175,000 from MMAC’s PAC. MMAC’s PAC was also fined $500 for the infraction in February.

It’s notable that the $175,000 contribution by the MMAC PAC to Walker’s campaign was one of many six-figure donations received by the Walker campaign.

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