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Former investment advisor offers alternative wellness at Symmetry Natural Health.

From the pages of In Business magazine.

Wellness is serious business for Tom Frazier, 33, owner of Symmetry Natural Health in Sun Prairie. Frazier, a certified health coach, says he was healed three times by his sister, a natural health practitioner in northern Wisconsin, “when Western medicine basically abandoned me.”

Years ago, he was experiencing a persistent and unusual case of “brain fog” that wouldn’t go away and perplexed his doctors. His sister, using Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), a type of muscle-response testing, determined her brother had a high amount of energy from copper in his body and needed a chelator, which helps heavy metals unbind from organs or tissues. Within six hours of taking the plant-based pill, Frazier was back to his old self.

Over time, Frazier’s sister helped him overcome tinnitus (constant ringing in the ear), and job stress that was causing heart palpitations and vertigo, among other symptoms, using noninvasive testing that took about three minutes and a treatment plan focused on a nutritious diet and professional grade natural supplements.

“Finally, I just threw my hands up and decided to make this more available to people before they are prescribed drugs,” he states.

Frazier, a diabetic, says nutrition response testing is actually rooted in quantum physics, while MFT uses muscle testing to read a person’s energy field to gain health information about the energetic state of his or her cells.

“Everything around us is energy,” he explains. “If you understand that, the idea that our body radiates energy isn’t so surprising. We support the human body naturally and believe it only wants things from nature.

“We’re not lunatics, either,” he quips. “We can’t fix a heart attack or a broken arm, but if you have psoriasis, or migraines, sinus infections, or hormone imbalances, try it.”

MFT practitioners are not licensed medical doctors. “We don’t treat, cure, prevent, diagnose, or prescribe medications,” Frazier recites, just as he has done hundreds of times before.

The practitioner determines the root cause of a client’s energy body based on how the muscles react to determine a person’s unique nutritional needs.

Symmetry Natural Health opened in the Prairie Lakes Shoppes in Sun Prairie in December 2018. “We needed 600 client visits every month to exceed our break-even point,” Frazier says. “We achieved that in nine months.”

With seven employees including three nutritional therapy practitioners, the business is attracting between 130 and 180 new clients every month, Frazier says.

Currently, bookings are at about 50 percent of capacity, but Frazier expects to reach 100 percent in two years.

“We focus on foods and diet and combining that with our energy-testing technique makes us the ‘shiny object.’”

He once was a skeptic, too, waiting 15 months before going back to his sister for tinnitus. “In three minutes of noninvasive testing, she told me to stop eating beans and legumes. I didn’t believe her at first, but as a vegan, I’d been eating a lot of soy, garbanzo beans, and nuts. Three days later, the tinnitus just went away!”

Too good to be true?

No way, Frazier insists. “It’s science. Quantum physics. Relief is very predictable. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Miracles aren’t miracles to us. We see them every day.”

Symmetry Natural Health
(608) 478-5363

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