Innovation trends to transform your business

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For 25 years, V-Soft Consulting has provided information technology consulting services from multiple locations across the globe — including an office in Middleton. The company’s innovation arm, V-Soft Digital, was launched in 2014 and is focused on helping businesses enhance their digital presence.

V-Soft Digital’s services include digital platforms, enterprise applications, data engineering, analytics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, quality assurance, and the enterprise cloud. The company has completed more than 250 projects, according to Sanjay Kommera, V Soft Digital’s chief technology officer.

“We want to be a one-stop shop for customers,” says Kommera, who is based in V-Soft’s Louisville, Kentucky headquarter office. “Through our V-Soft Digital solutions and innovation arm, we offer the kind of end-to-end services customers need, so they don’t have to look for multiple vendors.”

Kommera notes that many of today’s business leaders prefer to undergo a digital transformation — which is the process of using digital technology to create or enhance businesses processes — in phases rather than all at once.

He points to a national fast-food chain and a national truck and trailer parts company as examples of businesses that have used V-Soft Digital’s services. By modifying smartphone apps, modernizing outdated data platforms, and adding more business intelligence components such as analytics and data integration to their operational dashboards, V-Soft Digital was able to assist those companies with increasing their digital presence and overall operational effectiveness both in-house and to end customers.

Additionally, V-Soft Digital deploys AI-centric automation solutions, assesses customer incidents, and recommends solutions that reduce ongoing maintenance, Kommera says. He notes that V-Soft Digital has created solutions for early-defect detection in manufacturing, enhanced employee safety via computer vision, and implemented cold chain tracking with IoT.

In the case of the truck parts company, which boasts more than 140 retail outlets in the United States, Kommera explains that each of its stores previously were siloed — with little or no integration between them to help company management compare sales performances by location. Now, with the help of V-Soft Digital, not only can the company track individual store performances, but it also can monitor which products are selling, which ones aren’t, and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. The truck and trailer parts company now also can partner with third-party sellers — something previously not possible, according to Kommera.

“The key is to take a focused approach to an immediate problem that our customers are struggling with instead of talking about the distant future,” Kommera says. “We are successful with our customers by looking at current problems and slowly expanding.”

Kommera believes that COVID-19 has altered customers’ digital-related expectations in ways that many companies would not have considered in pre-pandemic times. The ability to order food and have it delivered hot and ready to eat via a mobile app, for example, is now practically a prerequisite for operating a restaurant.

“Companies need to beef up their digital offerings, because customers now are looking for companies that are innovative and using forms, enterprise applications, data engineering, technology differently than in the past,” Kommera says. “I think companies have to look at what their immediate priorities are, as well as develop a broader roadmap for what they want to achieve in the next few years.”

Clear vision, both short-term and long-term, will help business owners recognize what a digital transformation can do for them. Partnering with V-Soft Digital can help solidify those strategies, which then can be broken down into manageable parts for phased implementation, Kommera adds. From there, he suggests establishing a clearly defined scope of work with realistic deliverables and working toward those goals to make the strategic vision a reality.

For V-Soft Digital, that scope includes the involvement of V-Soft Consulting. “We have access to a large pool of staffing resources,” Kommera says. “If I need a strong digital architect, all I have to do is contact my recruiting team to make it happen instead of waiting weeks to onboard resources. Our combination of staffing with V-Soft Consulting and innovative services with V-Soft Digital is working really well.”