Endres Foundation announces $203,500 in grants

Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation announced grants totaling $203,500 to 18 nonprofits that provide essential area services in the areas of education, arts, human services, environmental, and health.

White-collar jobs are increasingly being automated

Professionals with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. But recent research indicates that white-collar jobs are increasingly being taken over by machines — maybe not by robots directly, but certainly facing pressures from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning solutions.

Manufacturing matters of survival

When we think of innovation today, we think of the information technology industry, but American manufacturers still account for most of the innovation that takes place in the private sector.

Generac expansion to create 700 new jobs

Gov. Tony Evers, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes, and Generac leaders have announced that Generac will expand its presence in Wisconsin by investing an additional $53 million in its facilities across the state and creating more than 700 new jobs.

Lessons from the Great Recession about COVID economic recovery

The long-term economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will take years to ascertain fully. To overcome the economic challenges created by the pandemic and its fallout, it’s important to have a good initial understanding of the state of U.S. business creation and longevity prior to the current COVID-19 crisis.

Paint-stick perfection

Curiosity got the best of Rich Schulenberg as a young child. For example, he once took his sister’s doll apart because it talked, and he had to know why.

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