GE Healthcare lays off 140 in Madison

A decline in the demand for ventilators and anesthesia machines is the reason behind today’s announcement by GE Healthcare that it has laid off about 140 employees at its Madison facility.

Building a better playset

Many a parent of young children has walked into a previously neat and tidy room, seen the chaos that results from even the briefest of play sessions among kids, and remarked, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Wisconsin manufacturers ready to ramp up PPE production

While President-elect Joe Biden has yet to have his victory over President Donald Trump certified, planning for the early days of his administration is already well underway. One promise Biden made on the campaign trail regarding the fight against COVID-19 — to use his powers as president to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA), a Korean War-era law that allows the president to order businesses to manufacture products necessary for national defense — could have a big impact on Wisconsin manufacturers.

Trailer manufacturer to add 300 positions

Stoughton Trailers LLC announced plans to hire 300 new employees for entry-level, skilled labor, and professional positions at its Stoughton and Brodhead facilities.

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