Oscar Mireles: Turning hard knocks to hope.

Oscar Mireles, executive director/principal of Omega School in Madison, an alternative, adult basic education and diploma completion program, is a man of many personas: There is the family man from Racine, Wis., one of 11 children of a migrant worker mother and factory-worker father. A man whose older brother once flunked out of kindergarten because he didn't speak English.

Dreams fulfilled? Madelung contemplates life after Herzing U

"There's more juice left in the tank," said Don Madelung, president of Herzing University in Madison, who recently announced his decision to leave his post at the end of the year. The decision shows a degree of restlessness Madelung wears with pride.

Kaleem Caire: Unplugged

If anyone has a right to be angry, it's Kaleem Caire. If anyone had every opportunity to not make the right decisions early in life, it was Kaleem Caire. And if anyone was most likely to break out of the mold ... you guessed it....

Edgewood Honors Three Women MBA Alums

Three female graduates of the Edgewood College business school were honored this week during the college’s 3rd annual MBA Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremony.

What's in a degree?

Was your trade or college degree at all related to what you do today?

IB's July 2009 issue asked that question of a sample of the ER members, and we are adding more answers from people who are well known in the Greater Madison business community. We ask them how they got their own starts.

Behind the Green Collar Degree

It's always something. Energy prices go up and down. Global warming threatens. Emission standards are tightened, and the costs of vehicles increase. Plastic bags suddenly become the bane of modern society, after being the mainstay for years.

Student Loans: Defaults on the Rise

When the Class of 2009 enters the job market next month, its members will encounter the most challenging employment conditions in a quarter century, and the implications for student loan default rates and employee performance could be profound.

Job Promotion Training Program

"Before the School at Work program, I never thought I would go anywhere," admitted Sheryl Warren, a lab assistant and phlebotomist at St. Mary's Hospital. "I had accepted a dead-end life and felt as if I were stuck. Now I've got the knowledge and a plan to use it."