New spin on filling your cart

How great would it be to have your groceries delivered right to your door, straight from your favorite local grocer? That's a reality with GrocerKey, which helps brick and mortar grocery stores sell to their customers online. Madison Noteworthy's Christi Andringa and Mike Victorson interview Jeremy Neren, founder and CEO of GrocerKey, and discover how an early venture as an on-demand late-night grocery delivery service for college students transformed into an end-to-end technology solution for grocery and convenience stores. Visit

Restaurant considered for day shelter

The site of Bellini Italian Restaurant could soon become the new home of a long-sought homeless day center, if Madison and Dane County officials deem it worthy.

Fashioning a social media niche

Madison Noteworthy's Christi Andringa and Mike Victorson interview Lauren Felix, founder of La Petite Fashionista, a fashion and lifestyle blog. Felix is also the founder of LPF Media, which provides social media consulting for businesses and other bloggers, as well as the editor of La Petite Fashionista Magazine, a quarterly digital publication filled with inspiring and attainable fashion, interior design, DIYs, entertaining, and fitness tips. Visit

New life for old AT&T building

As the Isthmus continues to evolve, the 10-story AT&T building at 316 W. Washington Ave. has undergone a nearly $20 million facelift, complete with windows where there once was stone, fresh landscaping, and eager tenants.

FEEDing Madison's local food culture

Madison Noteworthy's Mike Victorson interviews Adam Haen, founder of Food Enterprise & Economic Development (FEED) Kitchens, shared-use kitchens that are helping to incubate Madison's food culture. The FEED Kitchens facility includes five commercial kitchens, with specialized equipment for baking, produce preparation and processing, deli prep, and meat processing. The facility is available for rent by the hour so that food businesses and individuals seeking to sell food to the public can have a legal place to prepare their food. There's also a training kitchen available for non-profit groups and cooking teachers. This training kitchen doubles as a community use kitchen for anyone who wishes to do personal cooking or baking on a larger scale, such as holiday baking with friends, canning and preserving produce, or making meals in bulk.

Madison Public Library Fundraisers and Book Festival

On June 2, the Madison Public Library Foundation hosted two fundraisers, Lunch for Libraries: Relish With Ruth and Meet the Make-Hers, a cocktail party celebrating local women in the culinary arts, at Central Library. More than 200 guests attended the…

On the Job: A Dead Anchor Tattoo

Brandon Zitlow, owner of A Dead Anchor Tattoo in Madison, Wis., discusses the ins and outs of running a tattoo shop, including the balance between being an artist and operating a business.

No hidden agenda for SCORE counselors

If you could benefit from some free business advice from an organization of retired but hardly tired executives, you’re in luck. In Madison, such an outfit exists in the form of the Service Corps of Retired Executives, and one local businesswoman believes they stand out because they have no hidden agendas.

A revolution in wheelchairs

Madison Noteworthy's Christi Andringa interviews Brad Reinke, executive vice president of Rowheels, which manufacturers the world's only manual wheelchair wheels designed to eliminate repetitive stress injuries of the shoulder by letting users pull rather than push their wheels — like a rower. Assembled and tested in Fitchburg, Rowheels' REV1 wheels use first-of-its-kind pull-based propulsion and provide a number of important health benefits. Along with enhanced responsiveness and braking, users will use and strengthen shoulder and back muscles neglected by standard push wheeling. Visit

Why a strong UW System drives our economy

A core reason why lawmakers have so far softened budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin System is their realization it’s a statewide economic engine — with the potential to produce even more regional horsepower.

Leadership Greater Madison May 2015 Session

Money was at the heart of May's Leadership Greater Madison (LGM22) session. Why we pay the taxes we do and what's being done to help people find living-wage jobs were the session topics, and a May 26 capitol tour provided…

10 Dane County small businesses doing it right

Small businesses don’t often grab headlines, but they make up the overwhelming majority of the businesses operating in Dane County, and they’re very much the lifeblood of the communities they operate in.

Seventeenth Radish preschool succeeds with flexibility

Madison Noteworthy’s Christi Andringa and Mike Victorson interview Allison Plumer, founder of The Seventeenth Radish, a preschool and enrichment center for young children located in Verona. The Seventeenth Radish is a children’s activity studio offering flexible drop off enrichment classes and drop in child care for children 1–5 years old. Programming includes a fun variety of art, music, movement, and dramatic play experiences that encourage exploration and independence in a thoughtfully prepared environment.

Commit to fit: The 2015 Get Fit Challenge

At this stage in the life of IB’s Get Fit Challenge, much like The Biggest Loser, the contestants know what they’re in for. They’re working hard to be crowned the most fit, and there’s no easy path to victory. But that’s precisely why many of the individuals and teams competing this year chose to participate.

Passion to inspire burns inside Madison's 'Fireman Rob'

Madison Noteworthy's Christi Andringa and Mike Victorson interview Rob Verhelst, aka Fireman Rob, founder of the Fireman Rob Foundation and known across the U.S. for competing in Ironman and half-Ironman races in full firefighter gear. What started as a way to honor other firefighters on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 has turned into a campaign to inspire others as Fireman Rob continues to compete in Ironman events in his gear. And through the Fireman Rob Foundation, Verhelst is helping to brighten children's stays in children's hospitals throughout the U.S. by delivering teddy bears to sick kids.

Stoughton's new Norwegian heritage center set to open

Just two weeks ahead of the grand opening of Livsreise, Stoughton’s new Norwegian heritage center, June Bunting and Jerry Gryttenholm are seeing their vision realized. Bunting expects the grand opening to be “eventful,” while Gryttenholm says it will be “a relief.”