Business lessons from mom

Moms teach us a lot of things, often without us even realizing it. And much of those lessons are applicable in our professional lives.

Edvest announces sweepstakes

To mark its 25th anniversary, Wisconsin’s direct-sold 529 college savings plan, Edvest, will award one $529 account contribution every month throughout the year.

Promega unveils post-doctoral program

Promega, along with the multinational pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, have announced a partnership to create a post-doctoral research program to study the genes that cause certain diseases.

UW teams with Microsoft, LinkedIn on state workforce needs

With the ultimate goal of more effectively meeting the workforce needs of Wisconsin employers, the University of Wisconsin System is partnering with technology giants Microsoft and LinkedIn on a pilot project to improve its online education offerings for adult learners.

How to make Take Your Child to Work Day a success

Take Your Child to Work Day will be celebrated on Thursday, April 28 this year, and for some professionals this might be the first opportunity they’ve had in two years to bring their son or daughter to the office — assuming the office isn’t still at home.

Union Terrace reopens April 13

The Memorial Union Terrace reopens for the 2022 season on April 13 when hundreds of green, yellow, and orange chairs return to the Terrace.

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