Dishing the Dirt Here & There

A Madison Web business is using $1 million in venture capital to simply spread the word about its existence to people engaged in buying and selling local food.

Larry Swalheim in Antarctica: Knocking One Off the

Landmark Services Co-op CEO Larry Swalheim doesn't look like a daring adventurer, but you'd be surprised what he lived through during a February 2010 trip to the bottom of the world, Antarctica. The trip knocked one of the remaining things off of his personal "Bucket List," but it's doubtful that anything remaining will compare to it because he could easily have kicked the bucket.

A Day with a CEO: IB Goes to Landmark's Headquarters

A message board spans the entire wall of Larry Swalheim's office, tracking dozens of names and appointments and, for handy reference, a variety of ways to enhance producer profitability and exceed customer expectations. The CEO of Landmark Services Cooperative (LSC) is, by definition and necessity, a multi-tasker who closely corresponds with all involved in the co-op, establishing tight bonds while trying to have the right answers at his fingertips.

Farmer's stance on use of Bovine Growth Hormone vindicated?

Wisconsin farmer Nick Kirch still remembers the day his ex-wife came home in tears after being verbally lambasted by a co-worker. It was 1993, and the Food and Drug Administration had just given farmers the green light to inject their cows with a controversial product called bovine growth hormone. Kirch's wife, a registered nurse at Meriter Hospital, was then confronted by another nurse, who went off on an anti-farm riff that left her shaken.