In the mood to invest in yourself, ladies?

I think you’ll have to agree that in 2010, In Business has made a definite commitment to events, including our sponsorship of the upcoming Dane County Small Business Awards and judging support for the Wisconsin Family Business Awards. Maybe you’ve attended one of our seminars featuring Terry Siebert or Skip Brennan and Craig Culver, or have marked your calendars to join us in August for Marsha Lindsay’s seminar on branding? Maybe you were in the audience for our SusainAbility Awards or Commercial Design Awards? Or maybe you’ll be joining us for the Extreme Networking Event?

Well, if you’re fortunate enough to be a female professional in our audience, you have one more opportunity early fall to join us, too — for our incredible Women’s Leadership Conference up north at Dillman’s Bay September 12-16!

Last year we had eight participants who have since formed a "mastermind group" that meets monthly at each other’s homes or workplaces to offer support and ongoing peer counseling. All eight executives have credited the seminar with being the spark for "life changing or career changing" insights, and the group holds each lady accountable for taking action on those insights.

Their lives and journeys are diverse — psychologist, business strategist, radio personality, non-profit leader, and wellness therapist, to name a few — but the retreat experience turned them into friends as well as colleagues. They bonded over late-night cookouts, morning games, lake cruises, and nature walks — as well as during the more structured classroom exercises.

The peninsula where Dillman’s is located is heavily wooded and creatured, and surrounded (of course) by water. The morning mist on the lake is breathtaking, and the loon’s call at twighlight is unmistakable. Eagles soar. It was delightful to find a place to respite as well as retreat and explore. Perhaps because it is surrounded by sacred ground, there is a quietness and grace that penetrates souls as well as the private living quarters. The participants described feeling a new sense of renewal and purpose — and focus.

This year, the expectation is to take 12 women out of their element to change their lives. How’s that for a mission? We’ll accept 12 professional women who can appreciate that the time is right to invest in themselves — or who have bosses who understand it’s time to practice the best retention tool of all, to invest in a key employee’s career.

Kathleen Parish, Ph.D. will again lead the group, using her "Clover Leaf" technique which stresses commitment to authenticity. The exercises aren’t always emotionally comfortable — we’re talking mental exercises as well as some light yoga — but the result is an opportunity to grow new mental and spiritual muscle.

I get to tag along again and send blogs back to readers about what’s going on — at least, what’s happening that is fair to repeat outside those walls, as many comments never leave the sanctity of the group. And if those walls could talk, well, you’d want to listen, that’s for sure!

Join us. Dive in. Don’t just survive … THRIVE!

Enrollment will be limited to 12, so e-mail me at TODAY for more info!

p.s. A reminder: Have you sent me four photos yet for our photo contest? The clock is ticking! We’ve got great amateur and professional photogs out there, and you don’t want to miss your chance for publication! The entries are coming in and I’m happy to report, we’ve got some great samples. Send yours today!

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