IBTV Inside Peek: GE Healthcare Anesthesia Systems

Join IBTV as we go behind the scenes at GE Healthcare Anesthesia Systems in Madison as employees celebrate the release of the 1000th Aespire View, one of the anesthesia machines made in their facility near the intersection of I-39/I-90 and the East Beltline at 3030 Ohmeda Drive. GE Healthcare operations in Madison have a 100 year long history of innovation in the anesthesia care area under a range of company names including Ohio Chemical and Manufacturing Company, Ohio Medical Products, Ohmeda and Datex-Ohmeda and under a range of owners including Airco, The BOC Group and Instrumentarium before being acquired by GE Healthcare. This video showcases the manufacturing operations behind the Aespire View and the people helping bring these innovations to health care around the world.