IB’s Ezine offers quite a benefits package

From the pages of In Business magazine.

Every other year, In Business sends out a readership survey to a significant sample size of our print subscriber list. The information that we get back helps us plan our editorial features for the upcoming year, and it provides our advertisers with a firm grasp of what the IB audience profile looks like.

I won’t get into all of the hard data analysis, but there was one data point that did surprise me. For one question, we simply asked our print readers if they were also current subscribers to our twice-weekly IB Ezine, which is sent out to a targeted professional email list every Tuesday and Thursday. We’ve always known that a good number of our readers subscribe to both our print and online products, just like we know that we have some readers who just read the print or just read the online. You want to have readership diversity across all of your products, and IB certainly has that.

However, it also dawned on me that perhaps we don’t always do the best job cross-marketing our products to our different audience sets. So, here are seven reasons why you, our print readers, might want to become a subscriber to our IB Ezine:

  1. Read Web-exclusive features. Every IB Ezine contains unique content that you will only find online at IBMadison.com.
  2. Stay “in the know” with important business report briefings. The Business Report remains the most popular department in our magazine, as it gives our readers a quick overview of all of the big business news that has transpired in the previous month. However, we post a much more comprehensive list of business briefings in real-time on IBMadison.com each day and include the biggest stories in our IB Ezine.
  3. Check out photos from some of the most popular area events in our IB Gallery.
  4. View the latest videos from IBTV. You don’t want to miss the most recent On the Job videos, 40 Under 40 series, and more!
  5. Engage with our extensive stable of bloggers, who provide a wealth of knowledge on a variety of business and political topics.
  6. Find out who IB has selected each week for the Professional of the Week profile (and email jason@ibmadison.com for future consideration).
  7. Stay up to date with upcoming area business events on our events calendar.

If you aren’t a current subscriber, I strongly encourage you to sign up. It’s free, and IB will never sell your email address to a third party.

We have two very simple ways to receive the IB Ezine: Go to IBMadison.com/ezine and submit your email address there, or text “IBINFO” to 22828 to get the process started.

What are you waiting for?

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