’s most-read stories of 2020

In our annual look back at the stories that most piqued our readers’ interest this year, COVID-19 and things related to COVID-19 dominated headlines and your reading choices.
Feature Most Read Stories Of 2020 Panel

2020 started off much like any other year — lots of optimism mixed in among business as usual. That quickly changed in March when COVID-19 took the world by storm and consumed our lives for the rest of the year.

Taking a look back at the most-read articles on each year is always an interesting endeavor as we peruse the stories that grabbed readers’ attention. Typically, it’s a healthy mix of new business openings, business closings, a few white-collar scandals, and some topical happenings throughout the year. This year, our readers devoured COVID-19 content, which isn’t all that surprising.

Business closings outnumbered new business openings by a wide margin in the news, and that’s reflected in our most-read Business Report stories. And one feature article on office etiquette in 2020 now seems like a relic from a bygone era when people still worked in offices and not their homes. Our readers did appreciate some good news stories in 2020, but you’ll notice much of that is from the first half of the year, when the pandemic hadn’t yet put Wisconsin into a vice grip.

On the eve of a brand new year and all its possibilities, which hopefully includes a return to something resembling normalcy as the year progresses, we look back at our top feature articles, photo galleries, Business Report stories, and columns by page views at

Top feature stories

  1. COVID-19: How to work effectively from home
  2. Potter Lawson’s Beth Prochaska: From receptionist to CEO
  3. Does business insurance cover rioting and looting?
  4. 2021 IB Executive of the Year winners announced
  5. How to ensure the coronavirus doesn’t shut down your business
  6. 2020 40 under 40: 800 reasons to celebrate
  7. Product launch introduces potentially disruptive computer chip
  8. Dane County Small Business Awards: Small but standing tall
  9. Office etiquette for 2020
  10. Who’s paying for those cash rewards on your credit card?

Top galleries

  1. Frostiball 2020
  2. Networking at Great Dane
  3. 40 Under 40 reception
  4. 2020 CDA Project of the Year: Waunakee Public Library
  5. Honoring the Execs of the Year
  6. TASC in the community
  7. Monona Bank Schenk’s Corner renovations complete
  8. Read(y) to Wear 2020
  9. Cashing in with Dan Brown
  10. Fitchburg Chamber Annual Celebration

Top Business Report stories

  1. Feds facilitate use of malaria drug for COVID-19
  2. Trump expected to sign bill on PPP changes
  3. Old National Bank closing 6 Dane County branches
  4. Middleton bar and grill to close
  5. Woman charged with embezzling $311K from Madison company
  6. Sandwich franchise closes three Madison locations
  7. Local Italian restaurant suspends operations
  8. Madison hotel group gives notice of mass layoffs
  9. H&H Group Holdings unexpectedly closes its doors, issues mass layoffs
  10. State Street restaurant closes permanently

Most-read columns

  1. Congress makes significant changes to proposed FMLA and sick leave requirements in COVID-19 bill
  2. Unemployment benefits under CARES Act
  3. COVID-19: Strategies to overcome the current challenges
  4. Unemployment insurance questions answered
  5. Startling retirement statistics: Are you one of them?
  6. Tips for women who have their sights set on the C-suite
  7. Connecting amid coronavirus: Some advice for lonely extroverts
  8. The 5G ‘space race’ is already underway
  9. Are women losing career momentum in this work-from-home world?
  10. 28 days that transformed my career

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