I Went To Whistling Straights Naked

Thomas Marks brings years of marketing experience to his blog "It's All About Content" as the President and Managing Partner of TMA+Peritus. Prior to starting the agency in 1983, Tom was the VP of Marketing and Advertising for Bally Corporation in Chicago. He was also President of Bally's multi-million dollar in-house ad agency FFC Advertising.

Not really, but the headline, as well as the act itself, is an attention grabber. More on headlines at a later date. And in regard to the actual nakedness, let me say I was one of the few at the PGA naked of any logos. To be sure, professional golf is a far cry from NASCAR where logos dot the landscape like weeds on my front lawn. However, swooshes, sergeant stripes, polo ponies and alligators (or are they crocodiles?) abound. And they’re everywhere: on hats, shorts, shirts, socks, belts, visors, folding chairs, shoes, umbrellas, and the list goes on. I must say, unlike the bigs, at least they haven’t screwed it up by putting logos and corporate names in the actual field of play.

So, I understand why professional athletes sport logos on their gear; as always, it’s all about the money. But what about us — the less professional athlete? I’m not seeing any paydays from Under Armour or any coin from North Face. I like my business and recreational attire logo-free, except, of course, when we go to a Badger game. But, I must admit, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find high performance sportswear without a logo on it. I’ll need to do a little digging on why we have such an affinity to promote someone else’s businesses, not be compensated for it, and in fact, actually gladly purchase their promotional graphics. But first, I still need to figure out why people wear golf shoes to a golfing event. I think it’s a good idea at Whistling Straights considering the hills, the foot long wheat grass, and the sand traps which, as we know now, are home to players and pretenders alike, but last I checked, I didn’t see anyone wearing cleats to a tackle football game, either.

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