I like and admire Bill Lueders – off campus

I like Bill Lueders. I respect Bill Lueders. He is a hardworking, ethical, and usually accurate journalist. He is also as liberal as a tenured sociology professor.

Bill is the star of the Center for Investigative Journalism. The Legislature’s budget-writing committee wants to kick the center off campus. The center is a privately funded outfit. One of its major benefactors is the liberal moneyman George Soros.

What do you think the reaction would be from Democrats if the center were funded by the Koch Brothers? How would they like the MacIver Institute ensconced at our public university?

In fact, Bill Lueders’ most recent effort is a defense of a proposed PBS hit job on the Koch Brothers (“… the role of corporate bigwigs in the crackdown on public employee unions”). Don’t bother looking for a CIJ investigation on the excesses of the teachers union.

Bill and I are in the same business. We are advocacy journalists – me from the right, Bill from the left. The difference is I admit it.

Bill once celebrated a UW professor’s ill-considered remark that Republican voters are stupid, in the wake of the national Republican tsunami in 2010. Lueders wrote (in a column headlined “The Triumph of Stupidity”) that it was “The answer I’ve been looking for.” Sure, it’s his opinion, but it is an insulting and tendentious opinion. Do you really think it is possible to divest oneself of such bias as if it were a baseball cap?

The UW professor apologized for his statement; Bill never has.

The Center for Investigative Journalism remains free to ply its trade but will have to do so without the office space and cover of objectivity that its association with the UW journalism department conveys.

I explicate here at RightWisconsin (pay wall), in sharp disagreement with the boss, Charlie Sykes.

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