How to succeed in business through the power of attitude

Popular … you’re gonna be popular.

I love that song from the musical Wicked. Everyone who’s seen the show or listened to the lyrics understands that a good attitude helps make one popular.

On a recent early Saturday morning, I was shopping at a supermarket that had a “terrorist” checker on duty. Her bad attitude was enough to send customers flocking to other stores. Everything from the sourpuss look on her face to her posture and mannerisms made it very clear that she did not want to be at work that day.

Another line was open, but it was a tossup between sticking with the sourpuss or getting helped by another fellow who was clearly sleepwalking through his job description. His yawns told everyone that he wanted to be there almost as much as his coworker at the other register.

In fact, their across-the-lane conversations alone would have disqualified them from any popularity contest. It’s too bad their management team didn’t tell them how many other supermarkets were open to giving their customers service with a smile.

Fast-forward to another day and another place — a drive-up window at a chain restaurant, where the gal taking orders spoke clearly as she greeted my husband, Dave, and I with a bright, cheerful, “Hello, my name is Carly, welcome to ….” When we arrived at the pickup window, Carly greeted us again with a huge smile, checked our takeout bag to make sure everything was as ordered, and thanked us with great enthusiasm. We were so impressed we asked if she was looking for another job. To that question she replied, “I love working here. They take good care of us.”

Aha! That statement spoke volumes.



I believe that when employers clearly demonstrate to their team members exactly how important they are, those employees will always qualify for the title of “Miss (or Mr.) Congeniality.”

Most folks are like me. I always return to shop at places that use that wonderful tool — a good attitude. Businesses that foster good attitudes have a valuable gift. Treating customers with enthusiasm, caring, and concern makes them feel special, and those companies reap the reward of loyal, repeat customers.

This should begin from the top down — from the attitude of management to frontline team members. Many popular companies count “attitude” as their number one selling tool!