How much website content should your business create?

Just how much is enough?

That’s a really good question. I’d say eat until you’re comfortable, but don’t overeat and don’t think it’s okay to stand up at the table, unbutton your Sansabelts, and get ready for round 2. But hey, I’m not a dietician; I’m a website writer and strategist. So an even better question is, how much content should I produce to be an effective content marketer?

First of all, you can produce all the content you want, but if it’s not being published, syndicated, shared, and discussed, then all you’re doing is writing to the choir, and that’s not going to be productive. The reason I know this is a great question is because it’s asked of me every week.

Although we’ll never know for certain how much it takes to fulfill the carnivorous needs of Google’s algorithm, which is content-dependent, it doesn’t hurt to create as much content as you can. But — and it’s a very important but — it needs to be relevant to your customers and prospects. If all I did was write about sports in all my blogs, because it interests me, then my content would only be shared by sports fans and not marketers, and that’s not my content objective.



So I suggest starting small but dreaming big. Try one blog post every week. Once you’re off and running, make sure you mix it up. Content assets come in many forms; don’t get stuck in narrative mode every time. Remember, content is a video, infographic, research findings, white papers, case studies, POVs, a press release — and the beat goes on.

This is the type of content your customers and Google crave — just like a great steak or a plate of fresh vegetables from the local farmers’ market.

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