Hire a Badger

The pool of 375,000 UW-Madison alumni living all over the world is obviously an impressive group by just about any criteria. For those of us in business here in Wisconsin, this pool can be a prime source for recruiting top-level talent. One big advantage is that so many UW alumni living elsewhere still have fond memories and some attachment to Wisconsin, no matter where they came from or where they ended up after leaving Madison. We don’t have to sell an out-of-state applicant on Wisconsin’s livability.

Now, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has a program to help businesses find specific applicants through a customized, targeted e-mail program.

Gina Evans, who oversees the program for the alumni group, says they partnered with Thrive, the regional economic group, to fine-tune the program through a steering committee of area HR directors.

A primary goal is to bring talent back to our area, though the system can be used by companies anywhere.

The process starts with an employer filling out an online form outlining job requirements at:
www.uwalumni.com/jobalerts. The information on the form is developed by Evans into an e-mail that is sent only to those alumni whose profile matches. Typically, only one job is listed in the e-mail, making it more likely to catch the attention of the recipient. The e-mails can go to several hundred or several thousand, depending on the matching criteria. The cost to the employer is $75 per job posted.

Evans says since going live with the program in August about 40 job alerts have been sent.

This sounds to me like a great alternative to the free job services that often yield hundreds of applicants who aren’t even close to what you’re looking for. And maybe we can bring a few lost Badgers back into the fold.

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