Healthy regimen comes to Ryan Brothers Ambulance owner’s rescue

Nearly 30 top-level professionals are competing in the second annual Fittest Executive Challenge, presented by In Business magazine. Who will earn the healthiest marks? Find out at the In Business Expo & Conference on Oct. 23.

This week, Erin Ryan, co-owner of Ryan Brothers Ambulance, shares his experience participating in the “Fittest Men Under 50” challenge.

Why are you participating in the Fittest Executive Challenge?

I believe strongly if I am going to talk about being healthy, I need to walk the walk. I try not to ask anyone, including my children, to do anything that I have not done myself. It is important to me that I am as healthy as I can be to seize the opportunities that each day provides me. It is easy to take health for granted until you lose it. 

Tell us about your fitness regimen.

I work out nearly every day of the year. I wake up and it’s the first thing I do to set the tone for the day. Three to four days a week I do a full-body weight-training workout that has been adjusted and researched over time to get the most out of the time and my body. The other days are dedicated to cardio workouts that vary depending on the weather. When our family travels, we look for new fitness experiences. Recently, we were able to try Zumba and hot yoga! That was worth a few smiles. My best days are when I can involve the whole family in the daily workout.

How has your workout changed?

I am not sure I have changed anything. I have paid more attention to my diet. This has been great, as you learn to incorporate new healthy menu items. We recently went on a trip and I ate fresh grilled fish every day — it was awesome. Now I am trying some of those recipes on my own grill this summer.



What are you doing to prepare for your evaluation?

I am reviewing my diet. I am incorporating more variety to achieve different results. I have reviewed a few cool pieces of equipment. In fact, I just got a weighted sled for my whole family to use in the backyard.

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation has to come from within, in my opinion. You have to make the choice every day to work out. However, inspiration comes from others. My dad recently went through some serious health challenges. He approached this with a positive spirit and I could see how much his health meant to him. My two sons are both better people when they work out, and I can see how the mental benefits of exercise help them to remain positive and become leaders. My daughter and wife are the strong and competitive ones who make sure the rest of us feel challenged. My family is my inspiration each and every day.

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