Healing center offers alternatives for those seeking help

Before Nov. 17, they were a group of 10 independent, certified, or licensed professionals helping people heal throughout Madison. That day, they combined their energies under one roof to create the Hopewell Healing Center on Madison’s west side.

“We want to be able to help a variety of different types of people with problems,” said Angela Rahm, naturopathic doctor. “We treat people holistically to help them heal.” 

Rahm, who specializes in fat loss and neuro-feedback, worked with Dee Dee Delkamp, a nutritionist and national board certified colon therapist, to assemble the professionals. 

The center offers a variety of modalities, including but not limited to massage and Reiki, brain mapping, i-Lipo (a non-invasive laser light procedure used for fat reduction), colon hydrotherapy, alkaline therapy, craniosacral therapy, and hypnotherapy. It also offers a vitamin D bed and infrared sauna. One team member hosts cooking classes in the center’s kitchen, promoting a line of all-natural food seasonings.

These are not physicians, nor can they diagnose, Rahm explained. “We all worked with people who had stage-four cancer to digestive issues, to aches and pains. People are looking for alternatives. We try to nourish and support the body on a physical and spiritual level.” 

The idea to converge under one roof is credited to Barbara Hoffman, a cancer patient who fired three oncologists before taking things into her own hands and searching for alternative treatments. Hoffman is Angela Rahm’s best friend and part of the team. She helps clients with pain relief using something she herself swears by: an amethyst BioMat, which is a far-infrared treatment mat containing amethyst crystals.

“We’re all our own bosses, operating a business within a business,” said Rahm. 



Not surprisingly, bringing 10 very independent professionals together (eight women, two men) made for some interesting discussions during planning. Rahm’s advice? “Have a clear vision. We had all kinds of ideas, especially working with a lot of women,” she laughed, “and a clear understanding of how you will communicate. Is there a lead person?” Since she and Delkamp are in the office most regularly, they share the leadership role.

Negotiations with the landlord were key, and Rahm suggests looking elsewhere if a landlord is unwilling to negotiate. “You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t want to work with you.”

Rent, which includes utilities, is divided between practitioners based on the square footage each occupies. Everyone works independently, and each specialist pays an extra amount over his or her portion of the rent to use toward miscellaneous office needs and expenses. “We all help each other,” Rahm explained.

While insurance typically does not cover the unique services offered at Hopewell Healing Center, some specialists do accept flex dollars. “To come here, you have to be ready, open-minded, willing to take on a different perspective, and do your own due diligence.” 

Rahm said the center is already primed for expansion, and it hopes to add specialists in light therapy, reflexology, and acupuncture.

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