Going green, but not with Bernie Sanders envy

What a span of beautiful weather!

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor were given leave to observe the super blood moon eclipse Sunday night. A good pair of binoculars really improved the picture. Packers seem to be clicking. (Spare Aaron Rodgers even from taking a knee in the victory formation. Why risk him?) Wood pile is curing in the low humidity. Looking forward to Slimy Crud motorcycles this Sunday morning in Pine Bluff. Great to be alive!

Your humble scribe is at the moment working a plate of blue lake green beans, buttered and salted. Good eating! (But not as good as Roma beans.) Must credit the Doyenne of the Manor, the Lovely Lisa, for putting management here at the Experimental Work Farm and Rehabilitation Center onto a great way to grow climbers like pole beans and cukes — even tomatoes: on a wire mesh vegetable tunnel.

Our field crews can walk erect through the tunnel picking the beans as they hang overhead or at arm’s height.

To build, get 4-gauge hog wire from Farm and Fleet. (Chicken wire is typically 20 gauge. As with shotguns, smaller gauge is thicker.) Comes in 18-foot long sections, 34 inches high. About $24 each. Bought two sections. To anchor your wire tunnels, drive two stakes about 2 feet apart along each of your intended rows. The rows should be about 8 feet apart. Bend hog wire between the two rows of stakes to form an upside-down U. Wire is strong enough to support itself. Can drape chicken wire over it for more tendril support. We happen to have a grass walkway down the middle but you can plant that space, too. Try lettuce or something liking a little bit of shelter from mid-summer sun.

Turkey hunt is bi-partisan

Who says Republicans don’t reach out to the other side (Besides The Voice of Progressivism)?

Rep. Joel Kleefisch (in camo) invited the Taylors (at left) to hunt turkeys on the farm of Matt and Karina Werner (flanking Kleefisch).

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc, invited State Sen. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, and her son Isaiah to go on their first-ever turkey hunt with him on the farm of Matt and Karina Werner.

“If anyone challenges our ability to put philosophies aside, let them know Senator Lena Taylor, her son, and I are having an awesome time on their first ever hunt. Turkeys are the species of choice. Toughest part is for us to not talk. What an amazing bi-partisan morning.”

First-time turkey hunters Sen. Lena Taylor and son Isaiah display their prey.

Kleefisch joked that he convinced Lena to vote for Walker's next budget and that Isaiah is starting “a Golda Meir chapter of the young Republicans.”

Politics of resentment

Yes, Trump supporters are angry. So is Trump’s leftward counterpart, Feel the Bernie Sanders.

Townhall explains his politics of “envy, resentment, and hate.”

Leftist rhetoric is designed to encourage people to believe that the reason they are poor is because other people are rich. And this kind of rhetoric is not confined to politicians who know nothing of basic economics. … They invariably imply that “all property is theft,” a staple of barnyard Marxism. Yet, on rigorous examination, this idea is silly. Most of the people on the Forbes 400 list are self-made or next generation of self-made billionaires.

… Take the world’s richest woman, JK Rowling. When she wrote the last Harry Potter book or helped on the last Harry Potter movie was she making anyone worse off? Was she taking food out of the mouths of babes? Or was she bringing entertainment and pleasure to millions of people?

As the Wall Street Journal said in welcoming Pope Francis, “Nobody goes to Cuba to earn money to support relatives in America.”

Platinum subscriber detritus

•  Speaking of … Feel the Bernie spoke at ultra-conservative Liberty College, founded by Jerry Falwell, on September 14 and no one interrupted, attempted to cancel the speech, or needed trigger warnings. Try that at UW–Madison.

•  My lawsuit versus the Madison school district and teachers union for violating Act 10 was dismissed on a technicality this week, specifically for failure to give notice of claim before filing lawsuit and then waiting 120 days for the school board to turn me down. However, a companion lawsuit filed by Norm Sannes of Madison (by the same attorneys) did give that notice of claim and should be good on its merits.

•  A dose of political reality: Scott Walker is underwater with Wisconsin voters right now, like it or not. Why put that onus on Judge Rebecca Bradley, who has announced her candidacy in next spring’s election? To the vacancy left by the late Justice Crooks appoint someone like Jim Troupis, now a conservative judge in Dane County, who — I’m guessing — would not seek election to the post. (Although he’d be good.)

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