Former Waunakee vet charged with kicking, striking pets

The former owner of the Waunakee Veterinary Clinic is accused of abusing six animals in his care, according to a report from WKOW ABC-27.

Court documents allege Dr. Wesley Arnett hit, kicked, and aggressively handled several pets while he was the owner of the clinic.

In one witness account, the witness said they saw Arnett slam a Great Dane against a wall, slam a terrier’s head on the floor and hit its head with a nail clipper on a separate occasion, and kick a dog described as a “little white fluffball.”

The complaint also describes an instance where Arnett “aggressively lift” a dog by its collar and then “forcefully carry” it by its neck for around 10 feet. There is also video evidence of him striking the dog.

Additionally, Arnett allegedly accessed employee emails to “delete any videos showing any mistreatment” once he was aware he was under investigation.

If convicted on all charges, Arnett can face up to $60,000 in fines and 54 months in prison.