Fittest Executive Checkup with Lori Veerman

Thirty top-level professionals are competing in the first annual Fittest Executive Challenge, presented by In Business magazine. Who will earn the healthiest marks? Find out at the In Business Expo & Conference on Oct. 17.

This week, IB checks in with Lori Veerman, president of Madison Family Dental Associates.

Category: Fittest Executive – Women Over 50

I have had lots of comments on my article in the June issue of In Business, and the one re-occurring question is “How do you have time for all that exercise?” My response is always the same. If it is important to you, you will make time for it.

You have to make exercise a priority and then commit to it. My suggestions for maintaining an exercise routine include:

  1. Schedule your exercise just like you would a meeting: put it in your calendar. Treat it with the same importance as a meeting and don’t cancel unless there is something truly urgent to attend to.
  2. Plan ahead, check the weather, pencil in your outdoor workouts, and have a back-up plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  3. Find some friends to work out with you. Having someone counting on you will give you motivation, and you can share your struggles and your successes. Some of my very best friendships have come from getting to know people through exercise. It has been one of the best benefits of exercise.
  4. Bring your workout clothing and equipment along with you to work. Change into your workout gear at work and then head right to your workout. It will keep you from going home and getting distracted.
  5. Whenever possible I try to exercise in the morning before work. It means getting up very early, but a little less sleep is worth the benefit to my health and my mental status. Then my workout is done right away in the morning.
  6. Remember that you are important. There are lots of people counting on you: your family, your employees, and your clients/patients. You need to make time for yourself and you need to be healthy and focused so you can take care of everyone who needs you.
  7. If you miss a few days of exercise, don’t beat yourself up over it or get frustrated and quit. Rest is a good thing too. Just move on, and start fresh the next day.
  8. Consider signing up for a fundraising event or a race. Make it something manageable that will fit into your schedule. It will give you a goal and help keep you motivated.
  9. Just do something!

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