Finding the simple things in life REFRESHING again

On June 2, the day the mask mandate was lifted for Dane County, I did something I haven’t done in over a year — I went grocery shopping without a mask! It was so great to have a total shopping experience without steamed-up glasses. I noticed that the store manager was also without a mask, and I asked him how it felt. He said “REFRESHING!” That was the kickoff to my maskless week.

The next highlight was spending time at the Memorial Union. For every summer except last year, Kathy and I would be at the Union three to four times per month for lunch and people watching. It is truly one of our favorite summer pastimes. When we were sitting there, eating our cheeseburgers, I honestly felt like I was in heaven. You might say it was REFRESHING!

The biggest highlight came last weekend. Kathy and I are supper club junkies and we have traveled the state while visiting many of them. On Friday, we went to one of our Madison favorites for the first time since the world shut down in March of last year. When we walked in, the bar was about 80% full, no masks, people laughing and talking. We had a drink at the bar and enjoyed chatting with the bartender. We then went to our table. Calamari appetizer, prime rib, and hash browns for me; filet and baked potato for Kathy. It was both normal — not takeout or delivery! — and yes, REFRESHING!

We followed that on Saturday by inviting friends over for dinner. We actually sat next to each other at the table — no social distancing.

In addition to all this, I am also back in my regular golf group and having a ton of fun making a little money and losing a bit of money along the way. Remember, the purpose of playing golf is to be out with friends and have a good time. If you score well, I refer to that as a bonus — REFRESHING!

Hopefully, and that is with a big “H,” all this is a harbinger of what the future looks like as we move through this summer and fall. As the sergeant used to say on Hill Street Blues as he wrapped up the daily briefing: “Be careful out there.”

And as Dale Carnegie once said: “This is the only chance you will ever have on earth with this exciting adventure called life. So, why not plan it and try to live it as richly, as happily as possible?”

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