Federal spending on Wisconsin veterans supports nearly 36,600 jobs, $5.6B of industrial activity

The economic impact of federal spending on Wisconsin veterans is greater than the state’s beef farming industry, according to new research.

The report from the University of Wisconsin–Extension found that although the number of veterans in Wisconsin is declining, spending by the U.S. Department of Veterans Administration (VA) on services for veterans is increasing, according to a Wisconsin Public Radio report.

In 2021, Wisconsin received more than $3.5 billion of VA spending, a 163.9% increase from 2002 when adjusting for inflation, the study said. During the same period, yearly per-veteran spending in Wisconsin increased from $1,798 to $6,852 when adjusted for inflation.

In 2021, VA spending also supported nearly 36,600 jobs across the state and accounted for $5.6 billion of economic activity.