Featured local, regional artists at Overture to speak about artwork in spring exhibitions  

The Overture has issued a public invitation to a May 5 reception to connect and learn more about the artwork featured in the Overture galleries’ spring exhibitions.  

The reception will begin with artist talks in Playhouse Gallery at 5 p.m. This gallery features a new exhibit titled, “Democracy,” where more than 50 artists — local, regional, and beyond — explore their questions and interpretations of the current state of democracy. The exhibit will run through June 4. 

The artist talks will be followed by followed by an interactive voting experience presented by Rotate Theater at 6 p.m. Artist talks in Galleries I, II, and III will begin at 6:30 p.m. The spring exhibits in these galleries contain themes including immigration and layers of the bilingual experience, repair of lost and broken hearts, firefighting training, and the ethereal aspects of the human condition. The exhibits run through May 28.