Fallen Sun Prairie firefighter’s widow sued

The former owners of Sun Prairie’s Ski’s Saloon, Tony and April Hudzinski, filed a lawsuit against Abigail Barr, the widow of Sun Prairie firefighter Cory Barr, seeking $138,000 in principal, penalties, and interest, plus attorney fees.

The Barrs, who purchased Ski’s Saloon from Ski and Ski LLC in 2016, renamed it the Barr House, and signed a four-year agreement to pay the Hudzinskis $170,000 over four years, were late in as many as 22 payments dating back to 2016, according to a channel3000.com report.

Cory Barr was killed last July in a gas-leak explosion in downtown Sun Prairie caused when a contractor breached a gas line while drilling under the street. The Barr House was destroyed.