Exact Sciences makes $190 million acquisition, enters licensing agreement

Exact Sciences Corp. announced it has acquired Marshfield-based PreventionGenetics for $190 million. The acquired company is a DNA testing laboratory that offers more than 5,000 types of genetic tests including cancer risk screening. Founded in 2004, it has 25 geneticists on staff. The company’s tests cover a wide range of health areas, including pediatric and adult-onset rare diseases. Under the agreement, PreventionGenetics received half of the amount in cash and the balance in Exact Sciences stock.

The company also announced that it and OncXerna Therapeutics Inc. have entered an exclusive license agreement to expand the market of OncXerna’s Xerna TME Panel lab services. The Xerna TME Panel is a gene expression score that helps identify patients likely to respond to anti-angiogenic and immunotherapies.