Evers signs shared revenue bill to support local communities 

According to a recent press release, Gov. Tony Evers yesterday signed Assembly Bill 245, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 12, relating to shared revenue, one of the most significant sources of funding provided by the state to local governments.

The bill provides a historic increase in support to local communities statewide and ensures the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County do not face an imminent fiscal cliff.

Earlier this month, Gov. Evers announced he, Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, and Speaker Robin Vos reached a tentative compromise regarding shared revenue, contingent upon several provisions.

Ultimately, the agreement represents a generational increase in the state’s commitment to local communities, and it ties local government funding to the state sales tax going forward, allowing for growth in the future.

A full breakdown of additional funding communities will receive under AB 245 is available online.

In addition, Gov. Evers also signed Senate Bill 330, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 11, which contains key portions of the governor’s negotiations to reach a bipartisan shared revenue compromise with Republican leaders with historic budget investments in K–12 education statewide.