Evers signs bills enacting higher penalties for carjacking, reckless driving 

Gov. Tony Evers signed two bills that would help address reckless driving and carjacking in the state by increasing penalties for both and creating a new “carjacking” section of the criminal code, according to a press release Wednesday. 

In April, Gov. Evers also signed Senate Bill 92, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 1, to curb reckless driving in Wisconsin by allowing counties and municipalities to enact ordinances authorizing law enforcement to impound a vehicle if its owner is cited for reckless driving, has a prior conviction for reckless driving, and has not paid the imposed forfeiture for that offense.  

Assembly Bill 55, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 9, increases the penalties for reckless driving and requires that the driver improvement surcharge and safe ride surcharge are imposed on anyone convicted of reckless driving. 

Senate Bill 76, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 10, recognizes the crimes of intentionally taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent; creates a new “carjacking” section of the criminal code; and increases certain penalties related to carjacking crimes.