Evers announces plan to protect voting rights, democracy in Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers announced several initiatives that will be included in his 2023–25 biennial budget proposal to defend voting rights and democracy in Wisconsin. The governor’s plan includes streamlining processes to make it easier for eligible Wisconsinites to register to vote and cast their ballot, ensuring voting equipment and databases are secure and well-maintained, and supporting local elections officials who work tirelessly to administer elections.

“The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy, and we should be making it easier — not harder — for every eligible voter to cast their ballot without interference from politicians,” said Gov. Evers. “Even as some politicians continue their efforts to undermine our safe, secure elections, restrict access to the ballot box, and control the outcomes of our elections, I have and will continue to defend and support the right to vote, our clerks, poll workers, and election administrators, and the opportunity to participate in our democracy.

“These investments will help ensure eligible Wisconsinites can exercise their fundamental right to vote and that our local partners have the resources they need to continue administering elections safely, efficiently, and securely.”