Epitaph: Six-Word Philosophies

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these submissions for our latest “Six-Word Philosophies” contest prove that you can tell a story (or a quip) in six words. My own submission was “Tightrope walker in need of balance.” A postscript: “I’m schizophrenic, and so am I.” Pretty much says it all, right?

Some entrants did need a couple or even three sentences to adequately express themselves, so I indulged, and we have well more than 10 finalists. But hey, the word count is still short!

Without further ado, here are the “winning” (there is no prize beyond recognition) authors and their sentiments, presented to you in no particular order, as we didn’t rank them, only enjoyed them. What will be your favorite? (Let us know!)

Andrea Blankenberg: “I’m not short — I’m fun size!” (and) “Growing old mandatory…growing up optional” (and) “Sarcasm… just another service you provide.”

Charles Mason: “Last chosen but first to score.” (and) “No ‘n’ in my last name….”

Mike Spengler: “Her new license plates: ‘Was His'”

Donna Gray: “Nice Italian gal, allergic to garlic!” (and) “Never too late to begin again!”

Ed Sobczak: “More than some, less than others.”

Ann Webber: “Dumped, disoriented, depressed, divorced, dated, delighted.”

Brett Simon: “‘Simon Says’ never worked for me.”

Miriana Clark: “California family serendipitously savoring Wisconsin’s delights.”

Kevin Philips: “Still wondering … What’s it about, Alfie?” (and) “Alfie jumped out the basement window.”

Leslie Blaize: “Wisdom develops while childlike wonder returns.”

Julie Newquist: “Not planned, but still chasing validation.”

Jenn Bernat: “Crafting a life to be indispensable.”

Sylvia McMann: “Just when I had him trained….”

Carl Walker: “The Secret: There is no ‘secret.”

And this thought from the rebel in the group, J. Carbin, who e-mailed, “I only need five words: ‘Every day is an adventure.'”

Want to submit for the next batch? E-mail your six word sentiment to jodyp@magnapubs.com.

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