Do Democrats have “the goods” to impeach President Trump?

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Yes, let me count the ways.

By Brad Werntz

The president’s defenders say that the Democrats have been looking for a reason to impeach since the president took office, and so the process is inherently unfair and flawed. But this isn’t valid. Rather, as when Clinton was impeached, the opposition party simply noted in advance that life-long character defects in the president would inevitably result in an impeachable offense, and so they have. And so, here we are.

Michele Obama warned us that candidates don’t rise to the office of presidency; rather, the presidency reveals and amplifies the candidate’s true self. It’s no secret that the president is deeply flawed. This is well-documented, primarily by the man himself (just watch any of his Howard Stern interviews). It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when such an ugly person is revealed and amplified, he would eventually breach the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And so, he has.

It seems clear that the president abused the power of his office for personal gain, and that he’s been obstructing justice since this came to light. But there are also thousands of other reasons to impeach the man, too.

According to the Washington Post, he’s lied almost 14,000 times in office. He currently averages 22 lies per day, though this figure increases daily. Of his 11,000 posts on Twitter, over half are attacks on other people, and almost 20 percent are posts he made praising himself. The man is also the physical manifestation of an emoluments clause violation, an aspiring authoritarian, and a clear and present danger to our country and the world.

This man needs to be impeached and removed from office. As one constitutional scholar framed impeachment clearly: “The framers of the Constitution … thought it necessary to remove bad men from the offices they were subverting … If we ratify [bad] behavior in office, we may expect … aggressively dishonest, even criminal conduct [in the future]. The real calamity will not be that we removed a president from office, but that we did not.” Yeah, that Robert Bork, a smart guy, nailed the case for impeachment.

Brad Werntz is a small business owner in Madison.



No, not unless they can prove a crime.

By David Blaska

The Constitution gave Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff the power of impeachment and — like kids with a slingshot — they intend to use it. They’ve reached their verdict even if they’re still looking for the crime.

Once the Russian collusion hoax exploded in their faces, they had to turn in a different direction. This time, Trump is supposed to have committed the requisite “high crimes and misdemeanors” by asking Ukraine to investigate corruption or lose American financial aid. “Quid” that was never withheld despite Ukraine’s lack of a “pro quo.”

Ukraine should investigate Joe Biden. As a Fox News wit put it, when Trump was elected president, his sons quit doing international business. When Biden was elected vice president, his son started doing international business. It should matter that Trump asked for a thorough investigation, not a misinformation campaign. Because “there is credible evidence that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election at the request of senior Obama Administration officials.” So writes former Justice official David Rivkin Jr. in the Wall Street Journal.

For disinformation, Democrats should look into their own dark closets. It is indisputable that Hillary’s campaign hired a firm that paid an operative to compile Russian disinformation on Trump. FBI director Comey presented that doctored data to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for permission to spy on the Trump campaign. The FBI spied on a domestic political campaign! Spygate is deservedly under criminal investigation.

Wisconsin, that most purple of states, is 51 to 41 percent opposed to impeachment, according to the Marquette Law School poll. The satiric Babylon Bee website summed up the national mood: “Survey finds more people would support impeachment if they knew what crime Trump was supposed to have committed.”

Democrats’ conundrum is that the admittedly petulant president represents an existential threat to what was once known as the party of the common man. Their candidates outbid each other with “more free stuff” and new grievances. So, go ahead and impeach. In the unlikely event the Republican Senate would convict, Mike Pence is tanned, rested, and ready.

David Blaska is a Madison columnist and blogs at

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