DNR weighs in on Cherokee Country Club renovation

State regulators in the Department of Natural Resources want to allow Dennis Tiziani, owner of the Cherokee Country Club, to fill wetlands and dredge ponds as part of a scaled-back plan to redesign the club into a top-flight golf course, according to an article in the Wisconsin state Journal.

Tiziani wants to redesign the deteriorating 55-year-old course, located in town of Westport, into a facility that would qualify as a Tournament Players Club course and draw top-level players. It would be the first TPC-branded course in Wisconsin.

As part of the proposed $39 million renovation, the club would need to mine sand from beneath existing ponds to raise the playing surface and improve turf conditions. According to an application filed with the DNR, the renovation would restore degraded wetlands and address drainage issues on the course and in the adjacent neighborhoods.