DFI reports state-chartered banks’ sound Q2 performance

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has reported that 124 state-chartered banks were continuing to exhibit sound financial performance as of June 30, according to a recent press release.

At the end of the second quarter, total assets for Wisconsin’s state-chartered banks stood at $66.8 billion, down from the $67.9 billion reported June 30, 2022. The net interest margin remained relatively stable at 3.27% compared to 3.22% in June 2022. Net loans increased by 4.9% to $47.9 billion, up by $2.3 billion over the same time.

In the 12 months ending on June 30:

  • The capital ratio remained satisfactory at 9.61%, despite a decline from 9.72% in June 2022;
  • The past due ratio improved to 0.54% from 0.63% in June 2022;
  • Net operating income decreased to $320.4 million compared to $395.3 million in June 2022;
  • The return on average assets ratio declined slightly to 0.96% from 1.16% in June 2022; and
  • Bank liquidity remained satisfactory but was impacted by the increase in the loans to assets ratio at 71.80% compared to 67.29% in June 2022.

DFI’s full Bank Performance Indicator Report is available online.