Dems hope Scott Walker won’t corner the market on job-growth talking points

Blaska’s Words for Righteous Living: Never criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes, because then when you DO criticize him you will be a mile away and you’ll have his shoes.

Remember that scene in the movie Trading Places where the commodities trading floor comes to a complete halt to listen to the agriculture secretary’s report, televised live? (The Duke Brothers were trying to corner the market on frozen orange juice futures. Can you blame them?) Once the announcement is made, the trading floor explodes into a frenzy of activity.

Wisconsin politicos in both parties will be on red alert this Thursday when January’s job numbers for Wisconsin are announced. Walker and the Republicans pray they’ll be big numbers and, more importantly, black numbers. Democrats and employee unions will be secretly hoping they’ll be red numbers.

Each side will prepare two press releases: one exulting in the good news (from their standpoint), a second off-loading their misfortune on third-party forces.

Wisconsin is the only state that has lost private-sector jobs for the last six months — although Walker is still in plus figures for his one-year tenure by almost 14,000. And the unemployment rate IS down, the budget balanced, no schools have been shut down, streets are plowed.

Here’s my prediction: Thursday will bump Wisconsin UP another 18,000 jobs. Just an intuition. That’s one press release. If not, the second press release asks where is The Kathleen’s job-creation plan? Higher taxes across the board?

Walker could rightly blame the continuous political turmoil. You’re a small- to medium-sized employer in Illinois thinking about expanding in Wisconsin. Who is going to be governor in six months: Scott Walker or Michael Moore?

Speaking of the Falk-ster, the public employee unions’ Anointed One is in a quandary. (Or, as my wife used to say, she’s in a foundry.) Gogebic Taconite, which wants to mine iron in Iron County (go figure!), says it will hire union labor, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Hmmm. Unionized jobs or the environment? Hey, how about both? States like Colorado, Minnesota, and Oregon mine for metals and those states are environmentally vigilant. If they can do it …

Does Dems’ spokes guy eat with that mouth?

It could be that the official spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is a victim of Tourette’s syndrome. How else does one explain Graeme Zielinski’s political coprolalia?

This weekend, The Mouth That Roared proves once again what a nasty piece of work he really is. In this video from Friday’s Wisconsin Public Television news show Here and Now, Zielinski calls names, talks over his debating opponent (a Tea Party volunteer), and constantly interrupts. TV host Frederica Freyberg is driven to reprimand Zielinski after he barks “Get out of Wisconsin” over and over while the other guest is trying to take her turn.

This is the spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Shouting people down, calling names, constantly interrupting. I’d say the man is a good fit.

A few weeks ago on Wisconsin Public Radio, Zielinski kept calling his on-air sparring partner Brian Schimming, vice chair of the state GOP, “Vicki,” until host Joy Cardin insisted that he stop. “Vicki” was a snarky reference to Schimming’s frequent appearances on Vicki McKenna’s programs on WIBA-Madison and WISN-Milwaukee.

Zielinski has attracted the attention of one law firm, which is demanding that the loose cannon retract his statement implicating a Tea Party organization in criminal arson. Charlie Sykes reports.  

The frightening thing is this guy was masquerading as a news reporter for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel until taking his current gig two years ago. Liberals in the news media? Who’da thunk it?

Who’s using YOUR name?

The volunteer organization “Verify The Recall” will post an online, searchable database of recall signatures at The group expects to launch the program late on Wednesday, March 7. Searches may be conducted using a first name, last name, street address, city, zip code, municipality, or signature date. The site will include forms for affidavits to contest fraudulent use of the complainant’s name, address, underage child, or deceased relative’s name. 

My kind of sheriff

And I did not shoot the deputy. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, schools a group of religious leaders and other liberals who want to empty the prisons:

“In the Bible, the book of Matthew 25:43 talks about judgment day and says, ‘For I was . . . in prison and you visited me.’ It doesn't say, for I was in prison and you got me out early.”

Courage under fire

Steve Prestegard calls him “the George Patton of Right Wing Bloggers.” He was Andrew Breitbart, dead at the too-young age of 43. This new-media muckraking journalist spoke at a Tea Party rally on the same bill as Miss Vicki and Sarah Palin almost exactly one year ago in Madison during the height of The Troubles. He is shown here conversing with State Sen. Glenn Grothman (at right), a fan (and one bored child) in the middle.

Snowstorm on Friday. 55 degrees on Tuesday. I LOVE Wisconsin!

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