December 2011 Court Filings

Dane County businesses and employers with total judgments or liens of $1,000 and greater as listed in the December 2011 issue of In Business magazine. Listings include debtor, city, amount, creditor, date, and type of case.

Aflac, Middleton, $2,174, CMI Management, Inc., 10/24/11 (SC).
Alto Vino, LLC, Sun Prairie, $2,299, Country Vintner, Inc., 10/7/11 (SC).
American Wood Finishing, LLC, Madison, $12,583, Sherwin Williams Co., 10/25/11 (CV).
Associated Training Services of California, LLC, Sun Prairie, $47,464, Inquipco, 10/25/11 (FJ).
Beckman, Marilyn J., dba All Through the House, Stoughton, $3,918, Wusthof Trident of America, Inc., 10/27/11 (SC).
Bio-Nutrition International, Inc., Middleton, $94,570, Cenzone Tech, Inc., 10/6/11 (CV).
Broux Nellies, Inc., dba Broux Nellies Diner, Oregon, $7,337, Edward Don & Co., 10/7/11 (CV).
Burbach, Robert J., and Burbach, Therese K., dba Diamond Electric, Cottage Grove $1,342, Landmark Services Cooperative, 10/26/11 (SC).
Cilantro Bar and Grill, LLC, Madison, $10,762, DWD, 10/26/11 (UC).
Cleary, Linda, dba Cleary & Associates, Cross Plains, $16,942, Cach, LLC, 10/19/11 (CV).
Colfax Valley Investments, LLC, Fitchburg, $157,458, West Bank, 10/10/11 (FJ).
Dahms, John H., dba Birch Environmental Maintenance, Madison, $6,541, First Choice Drywall, Inc., 10/12/11 (SC).
DE Construction, Inc., Madison, $1,319, DWD, 10/20/11 (WC).
Dominium Mortgage Corp., Middleton, $6,313, DWD, 10/11/11 (UC).
DWK, LLC, Madison, $13,787, DWD, 10/6/11 (UC).
El Pescador, Inc., Middleton, $10,987, DWD, 10/27/11 (UC).
Gemini Landscaping, Inc., Madison, $20,792, Madison Property Management, 10/27/11 (SC).
Gutter Helmet Authority, Inc., Waunakee, $13,436, Ameritech Publishing, Inc., 10/24/11 (CV).
Hellers Recycling Services, Inc., Madison, $5,032, Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp., 10/19/11 (TJ).
Herrera, David, and Marquez, Marco A., dba La Hacienda Restaurant, Madison, $5,096, Scott McNeill Enterprises, LLC, 10/14/11 (SC).
Holler, Jacob R., dba Generation Construction, Inc., Madison, $10,549, DWD, 10/24/11 (WC).
Inncare of Wisconsin, LLC, McFarland, $1,164, Assured Publishing Ltd., 10/17/11 (TJ).
Jackson Construction, LLC, Deerfield, $10,409, DWD, 10/26/11 (UC).
Jem, LLC, Monona, $12,141, DWD, 10/27/11 (UC).
Jennings & Woldt Remodeling, Inc., and Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen, Inc., Sun Prairie, $3,776, First Choice Drywall, Inc., 10/26/11 (SC).
Jimmy's American Tavern, Fitchburg, $10,096, and $1,889, Advanced Building Corp., 10/13/11 (SC).
KDC Enterprises, Inc., Madison, $2,617, DWD, 10/20/11 (UC).
Kiddos Midtown Commons, LLC, Madison, $11,160, DWD, 10/14/11 (UC).
Lavenaw, Francis P., dba Circle Town Apartments, $8,920, Capital One Bank USA NA, pka Capital One Bank, 10/19/11 (CV).
M&M Auto Body, Inc., and M&M Car Sales, Inc., Madison, $3,158, West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., 10/17/11 (SC).
M3KNS, LLC, Waunakee, $296,500, Parisi Construction Co., Inc., 10/25/11 (CL).
McCoy, Linda, dba Sun & Swim, Fitchburg, $30,497, Inland Companies, Inc., 10/27/11 (SC).
Millhardt Marine, LLC, Madison, $9,529, DWD, 10/27/11 (UC).
Movin North, LLC, dba Lazy Oaf Lounge, dba Upstairs Downstairs Catering, Madison, $2,837, West Bend Mutual Insurance Co., 10/28/11 (SC).
Ozee Cars, LLC, Stoughton, $44,430, McFarland State Bank, 10/12/11 (CV).
Page Street Pizza, LLC, Stoughton, $1,715, and $924, DWD, 10/10/11 (UC).
Performance Engineering, LLC, Waunakee, $9,240, DWD, 10/27/11 (UC).
Playful Kids Learning Center, Inc., Madison, $19,816, DWD, 10/4/11 (UC).
Riegert Builders, Inc., McFarland, $26,421, DWD, 10/4/11 (UC).
S&K Odana Limited Liablity Company, aka S&K, LLC, dba Spice N Curry, Madison, $10,669, Sysco Asian Foods, Inc., 10/13/11 (CV).
Seamonson Lawn Management, Inc., Deerfield, $4,052, DWD, 10/31/11 (UC).
Spex Eye Wear, Inc., Madison, $2,491, DWD, 10/18/11 (UC).
Supreme Exteriors, LLC, McFarland, $1,717, DWD, 10/18/11 (WC).
Trackside Charities Foundation, Inc., Black Earth, $287,545, Johnson Bank, 10/24/11 (CV).

(CL) Construction Lien: Claim on property for non-payment of work that improved the property.
(CV) Civil: Typically, lawsuits seeking claims in excess of $5,000; also such actions as restraining orders, appeals from municipal court and administrative agency decisions, name changes, etc.
(FJ) Foreign Judgment: A judgment or order of a court from a different state, a federal court outside WI, a municipal court of another county, or a tribal court; treated as if ordered by a WI circuit court.
(SC) Small Claims: Lawsuits seeking claims of less than $10,000, evictions, and replevin actions (the repossession of property).
(TJ) Transcript of Judgment: Judgment or order from another WI circuit court, a WI appellate court, a federal court in WI, or a municipal court in that county; treated as if ordered by the circuit court in the county where it's filed.
(UC) Unemployment Compensation: Warrant issued by WI DWD for an employer's failure to pay contributions, interest, or fees. Warrant has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.
(WC) Workers Compensation: Award issued by WI DWD. This award has the same effect as a judgment granted by a court.


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