Dane County residents among most generous in state

SmartAsset has released its fourth annual study on the most generous places in the United States and listed Dane County as the fourth most generous county in the state. The study measured how much money people in each county donate as a percentage of their net income as well as the proportion of people in those counties who make charitable donations. The most generous counties include: 

  • Ozaukee reported contributions at 13.21% of income and 1.8% of returns itemizing charitable contributions; 
  • Waukesha reported contributions at 11.63% of income and 1.45% of returns itemizing charitable contributions; 
  • St. Croix reported contributions at 10.24% of income and 0.87% of returns itemizing charitable contributions; and 
  • Dane reported contributions at 9.01% of income and 1.26% of returns itemizing charitable contributions.