Dane County ranked 8th healthiest county in state

Dane County is ranked the eighth healthiest county in the state, according to new County Health Rankings & Roadmaps data from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. Ozaukee County ranks the healthiest in Wisconsin and Menominee is the least healthy county in the state.

The analysis finds that counties with well-resourced civic infrastructure have higher rates of high school completion, higher household incomes, less income inequality, and lower rates of children in poverty and uninsured adults. In these communities, people also tend to live longer.

This year’s rankings looked at a series of factors to measure civic infrastructure and participation in counties including access to parks, school funding adequacy, broadband, voter turnout, and self-reported census participation.

The rankings offer several solutions to build civic health, including investing in libraries, community centers, and other public spaces to encourage in-person connections; expanding civic knowledge and skills through youth leadership programs; and implementing voter registration and turnout initiatives to expand representation in the democratic process. Voter participation is tied to better self-reported health.