County board approves 2022 budget

The Dane County Board of Supervisors has approved the 2022 county budget, according to a statement from the county. The operating budget totals $660,577,196 and the capital budget is $94,175,900. The levy increase included in the budget is 4.4%, which will increase the taxes on the average home by $67.87. Amendments to the budget are measures to address criminal justice reform including:  

  • $200,000 to expand gun violence prevention;  
  • $67,617 to establish a pretrial services office;  
  • Eliminate Huber fees, reducing revenue by $134,000;  
  • Add a training officer for the sheriff’s office beginning Oct. 1; and   
  • Increase a legal assistant position in the district attorney’s office for $29,500.   

Amendments to support vulnerable populations include:  

  • $75,000 to update a homeless plan;  
  • $7,000 for community health equity grants;  
  • Increase funding by $12,500 to expand the Double Dollar program benefits;  
  • An additional $15,000 in funding for Afghan refugees;  
  • $40,000 for a food system assessment;  
  • $1 million in additional funds for a tiny house project; and  
  • $3.2 million to convert a hotel into affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness.    

Environmental and sustainability amendments include:   

  • $35,000 to control tree damaging invasives;  
  • An increase in LTE funding for forestry work by $25,000;  
  • An additional $300,000 for funding for the future implementation of recommendations from the city of Madison’s Monona Bay watershed study;  
  • Increasing the SMART fund by $100,000;  
  • $10,000 in funding to increase the purchase of trees for underserved areas;  
  • $500,000 in funds for park accessibility projects; and   
  • $500,000 to purchase a conservation easement at the Voit farm.