Council votes no again on Judge Doyle Square payment

The Madison City Council has now voted twice against paying an extra $600,000 to Judge Doyle Square developer Beitler Real Estate Services over a contentious issue regarding a private “podium” area of the two-block downtown project.

Two Alders had excused absences and were not present for the initial vote on Oct. 30, when the measure fell short by one vote. One of those, Ald. Steve King, 7th District, asked for a revote on Nov. 13, and the measure was rejected again on a 14–6 vote against authorizing payment, according to a Wisconsin State Journal story.

It will likely be considered again.

The payment was meant to resolve a legal dispute involving the $186 million redevelopment and was to be made in exchange for the city being explicitly granted the right to build and own a private portion of the project, the podium, which would include a hotel, apartments, retail, and commercial space. Rejecting means the city will have to renegotiate with Beitler, and for the moment the project is on hold again, according to a story on

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin warns the council’s latest decision could be costly and delay the project even more.