Council spots public golf courses $1.5M

As the city continues to weigh the pros and cons of the city’s four public golf courses — Yahara Hills, Monona, Odana, and Glenway — the Madison City Council agreed to loan up to $1.5 million to the Golf Enterprise Fund if shortfalls occur again this year, according to a Wisconsin State Journal report.

Coupled with lousy weather and fewer rounds booked over the past several years, the courses, which were initially designed to be self-sustaining, have been anything but. The short-term fix could still result in a full or partial closure of at least one courses or, less likely, a city subsidy, depending on the findings of a task force studying the issue and expected to announce its findings in May.

In 2018, the four golf courses lost $800,000. They are projected to lose $500,000 this year.