Could Madison please have some adult supervision — and some leadership?

Voters just approved a $41 million spending referendum. Now the Madison Metro School District says it needs to cut $10.8 million to cover a deficit. This is after rewarding its unionized teachers and support staff with a 2.5% pay increase in the budget approved late last year.

Who is running this store? Hint: It ain’t the Koch Brothers.

The cuts will require eliminating 110 positions, mostly teachers. How does this help minority achievement?

The school board rushed to ratify union contracts four years ago while protesters were still camping overnight in the State Capitol. The district scheduled a special meeting on a Saturday morning with only the minimally required public notice. I attended that meeting, but the public — the three of us who found the meeting — were not allowed to speak. The contract required no teacher contribution to their generous health insurance coverage.

School districts that took advantage of Act 10 are not laying off teachers.

Madison is paying for this folly by collecting teachers union boss John Matthews’ dues for him. Some of that money finds its way back to finance the school board members’ election campaigns. Sweet deal for the union, wormy apples for the students and their families, self-tapping screws for the taxpayers.

This is the editorial that the Wisconsin State Journal would print if the Wizard gave it some courage. It is why I have brought suit against the school district and the teachers union. Did Madison elect its school board to lead or kowtow to John Matthews? It’s an open question.

Please, Wizard, some belated courage for the Madison school board.

Disrupting traffic at East High School

The advisory Tuesday said, “Police suggest motorists use Winnebago Street, East Johnson Street, or Williamson Street.”

Blaska’s common-sense advisory reads: Angry motorists suggest police clear East Washington Avenue immediately.

Weather in the 60s. In my day, we called it senior skip day.

Maybe if the Chicago Tribune took a position, the Wisconsin State Journal would reprint the editorial. Greg Humphrey is one of the few local voices (a liberal, at that) to speak out:

While I understand the need to allow for First Amendment rights to be exercised there is also the need to rein in those elements who only aim for disruption. Blasting music from a car and dancing in the street on a weekday on one of Madison’s busiest streets was not meant to spread some deep hidden truths about police violence. It was meant as a power play by a radical group that can never gain citywide acceptance based on their stated goals. So like a child who has been told no at the checkout line they throw themselves on the floor and start to act-out.

My question is why it took so long for the adults who run this city to shut down the theater of the absurd that took place Tuesday? — “Why did it take over 8 hours …

But I don’t blame the police. They must operate in Madison, where City Hall is flooded by the filth and degradation of street people. There’s a difference between a police force working under Mayor David Dinkins and a police force working under Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

Angry motorists missed the connection between costly delays and the April 7 municipal elections. Voters elected a mayor and aldermen who refuse to support their police department when it comes under fire. You asked for leadership positions, now lead. (See if you can find any fiber in Paul Soglin’s “statement.”)

We’ve got a former alderman (Madame Brenda) charging “police violence” for finally clearing off one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares after eight and a half hours. We’ve got a local news media unwilling to expose Young and Truant’s Marxist staffing and training. (The Capital Times has been actively promoting the group. Here is its latest single-sourced “news” story, that source being — who else? — Brandi Grayson. See how it matches her press release.)

(Here is Police Chief Mike Koval’s response to the latest anti-police broadside published by “Your Progressive Voice.”)



We’ve got a mayor first elected 42 years ago and his liberal-progressive-socialist city council, so fearful of the race card, so ashamed of their supposed white privilege that they pander to a demagogue with a bullhorn who has hijacked the civil rights movement for the purpose of sowing unrest.

Please, Wizard, some courage?

If black lives really mattered

If black lives really mattered to Brandi Grayson and her minions, they would speak out against the number one killer of young black men: other black men.

Suspect in Milwaukee homicides. Photo: Department of Corrections

Among the 43 homicides in Milwaukee so far this year, a convicted felon is a suspect in fatally shooting a motorist who had just run over a toddler who had darted out in the street and then shooting the child’s 15-year-old brother who had run to the scene — his own nephew! (Story here and also here.) As a convicted felon, this is not someone who carries a valid concealed-carry permit. (And so much for early release from prison!)

If black lives really mattered, they would stress the importance of staying in school, not encouraging the young and gullible to play hooky.

If justice really mattered to Young, Gifted and Black, they would not prejudge (source of the word “prejudice”) a police officer until the facts were all in.

By the way, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, you’ve had the state Department of Justice investigative report for two weeks now. Announce your decision: prosecute the police officer or not. You asked for a leadership position, now lead.

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