Contractor fined $25K for Sun Prairie blast

VC Tech, a contractor working in Sun Prairie in July 2018, was fined $25,000 by the Public Service Commission for failing to call Digger’s Hotline before accidentally boring through a gas line.

The ensuing gas leak led to an explosion and killed Cory Barr, a captain with the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department, and closed a section of Sun Prairie’s Main Street for several months, in addition to demolishing or damaging nearby buildings, according to media reports.

VC Tech, a drilling company, was also fined an additional 10 percent surcharge that will be paid to Digger’s Hotline.

In the end, officials determined it was a miscommunication between contractors that led to the deadly blast, and no criminal charges were filed by Sun Prairie Police. Bear Communications, the contractor that told VC Tech to move ahead believing, in error, that another contractor had already marked the area, was also fined by OSHA.